Whom do we work with


Stake Holders in our disaster management endeavors.

PGVS has been collaborating with a number of stakeholders in disaster. The affected Communities, local NGOs working with these communities, the UN bodies and World Bank, International NGOs notably CRS, OXFAM and CASA,  the Panchayat Raj Institutions, and the central and state governments have continued to be our partners in this. There is need to diversify and bring in more players especially from the corporate sector like the sugar and the insurance sub-sectors and Media to become active role players as well. We commit our selves to continuing to work with these and any other interested parties for the benefit of the communities. Our main areas of cooperation will be in consultations, advice, policy guidelines and advocacy and resource mobilization.

Our primary target groups

While we recognize that the benefits of our work will not be limited to groups of persons, identified as the most vulnerable in any disaster situation, the following will be our primary target group: Women especially pregnant, lactating or single, the disabled, the aged, the sick, the children and migrant laborers. These being the highest vulnerable groups will be taken into consideration in all programming and implementation as provided by the sphere project document on the minimum standards in humanitarian crisis response. Issues of gender will be underscored in all our programming endeavors.