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ग्राम विकास अधिकारी/ ग्राम प्रधान द्वारा सरकार की उम्मीदों पर फेरा जा रहा है पानी

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Gram Development Officer / Gram Pradhan is going round the government's expectations .pdf 

Gram Vikas Officer / Gram Pradhan is going round the government's expectations
* Irregularities in the toilets made by Clean India Mission
Gorakhpur (Bansgaon)
Bansgaon tehsil situated in south of Gorakhpur always keeps headlines on the issue of development. But it is insulting to say that there is no one because of its headlines.
When the last time came to power, the Modi government gave encouragement to the people for the construction of toilets under the Clean India Mission in India.
The government had openly dreamed of creating a defecation free India and the work was almost complete in the paper, Gorakhpur district has been declared as an ODF.
Some such cases have come up from which it appears that the dreams of the government are not being fulfilled by the regional authorities.
सपने में ही नींद खुल गयी, ये बिल्कुल सही बात है की कैसे ये विकास की राह में विकास करने वाले ही रोड़ा बने हुए है।
ऐसा ही एक मामला बांसगांव तहसील के सरसोपार गांव का प्रकाश में आया है जहाँ प्रधान और सचिव की मिली भगत से सरकार की योजनाओं को रास्ते मे ही रोक दिया जा रहा है और जनता को इसका लाभ नही मिल पा रहा है , स्वच्छ भारत मिशन के अंतर्गत जिन शौचालयों का निर्माण हो रहा है उनमें कुछ ऐसे मामले सामने आए है ,जिसमे यह साफ प्रतीत हो रहा है कि कैसे जनता को योजना का लाभ नही मिल पा रहा है ।
On the asking of the village resident, Dharmender Singh, son Prabhunath Singh, Lavangi wife Rammilan, Prem Lata Wife Madan, etc., said that the first installment of the incentive amount received in construction of toilet was given only Rs. 6000 and so far the second installment 6000 was not found. It is a matter of fact that the wife of the village resident, Lord Rakha wife Rajendra said that the photo of our toilet has also been uploaded, but still A single rupee has not been given.
 On repeated occasions, it is said that money has not come, on the condition of not exposing the name, some people said that the money is being taken out of the toilet and giving it to the house, so that the facility can be levied. After all, Why are not paid, is it a way of raising funds in government schemes of responsible people?
 In such a situation, when development will happen in the country and the state, only those who develop will become obstacles in their path.